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Coinbase Coinbase Payment Processor is a bitcoin and ethereum exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoins for local currency.  The website is sleek and simple and the dashboard has a live chart for the price of ethereum and bitcoin.  The best part is depending on where you transfer funds there is usually no fee


Payza Payza is great transaction processor that services a lot of countries.  It allows you to easily upload funds to your account by Visa/MasterCard bank wire and other methods.  Its simple and can be uploaded instantly depending on the method you choose.  This will be one of your more important processors when you begin Revshares

Coin Payments

Coin Payments will prove to be a very versatile processor during your online business journey into crypto currency.  They accept payments from a multitude of crypto currencies.  This is an amazing processor allowing you to receive payment in any crypto currency of your choice on your websites.  While you cant purchase any crypto currency from


Paypal is one of the most widely used companies in the United States.  Getting its start as a payment processor for Ebay, it branched out independently a few years ago.  While PayPal a preferred processor that most people are already familiar with, it’s currently having some trouble with RevShare industry.  While much of the issue