BIG Changes to MPCA MPA TAT and RevShare Industry


There are big changes in the making at My Paying Ads(MPA) and The Ads Team(TAT). MPA and TAT are arguably two of the most popular revshares in the industry. There are some competitors out there, but the brand image of TAT ad the trust of MPA (350k members MPCA included) combined as an industry team is a powerful initiative. Like a mentor and his protege, MPA and TAT are sharing experience and knowledge to make sound business decisions for their companies and the industry as whole.

The Collaboration

On April 5th they release this google hangout to indicate their collaboration in steering the revshare community in what they consider a more sustainable model.



The two companies as of last week came to a decision that will impact the entire industry. All three revshares will now remove their 300 percent max withdrawal rule and replace it with 200% max. In one of my videos we explore how these changes might impact your business.



The largest impact This change has had are on individuals who had already exceeded their 200% and were on their way to approaching their 300% max. They would have their accounts paused until they deposited enough money to get below 200% again. The problem arises when individuals who have been living off of the program do not have any reserve funds to redeposit. Then they would have effectively been booted from the system.

For others who had not yet began to make any withdrawals the impact is minimal.  However, closer attention to detail is now necessary to ensure you are not over burdening your account with withdrawals.  One good thing to not is that all companies have now installed new monitoring information on the member dashboard to help you keep track of where you are ratio-wise of withdrawals to deposits.  The MyRevTeam RevShare Calculator can also help understand how to manage your withdrawals to maximize your benefit from the program. You can get your FREE MyRevTeam RevShare Calculator Here


The industry seems to be buzzing with these new changes. Especially, individuals who have now been virtually suspended due to overdrawn accounts.  If you have been following the MyRevTeam strategy you would have never hit your 200% to begin with, because we don’t operate in that margin.  Smart players will adapt and the company will be more stable in the long term.



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