The Ads Team Academy – How to Learn Online Marketing

The Ads Team Academy provides a way to learn online marketing through an online educational program.

In order to find a more sustainable business model, Revshares are continually introducing new concepts.  Some are going for a more traditional design while some are trying more ingenious ways to bring in money.  One of the more traditional designs is from the Ads Team Project and their Academy.

The Ads Team Academy provide four levels of education each with increasing difficulty and knowledge.  Start the course with a low $20 for the first level, which is an ebook and progress upward to level 4 which is $600.  The program also offers incentive such as referral commission, so essentially if you’re good at recruiting you can have your complete online program paid in full by your commissions.  This incentive affiliate program is based on a 3×9 forced matrix for each level of education.  So as each level increases in price, so does the matrix rewards.  All 4 matrix levels completed would yield approximately 1.5mil in commissions.

I have purchased the book and started reading, however I hope to finish it this week.  I have been occupied with getting the website in order and the youtube channel going.  I am nearly complete and am looking forward to diving into more education from The Ads Team Academy.

If you are seeking an opportunity to gain more knowledge with online marketing this would be a great option. While the price is already reasonable, they also provide referral commission. Not many training program will also offer you a way to pay for you classes through recruiting. IF you try hard enough you can literally have you education for free and get paid.

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