[Closed] 8 Steps to Getting Started In My Paying Crypto Ads

So you finally decided to take the next step to you’re financial freedom. Great! Let me be the first to congratulate you on a decision well made. However, navigating the Revshare Crypto word can be confusing, even when you might have a video or two to watch. So we have created this 8 Step Guide To Getting Started with My Paying Crypto Ads, to explain all the companies, programs and destinations you will need to visit in order to get started. Let me welcome you to the world of Revshares, Bitcoin and Crypto currency. Shall we begin?

Step 1: What is Bitcoin and how do I get some?

This question naturally pops up first. Dont worry we all have similar questions. I first discovered Bitcoin back in 2011, but didnt get involved. I wish I did then, but its never too late and you are at the party now. Now Im not a tech wiz, so Ill let someone else do the explaining for this part.
What is Bitcoin:



Where can I get Some Bitcoin?

One of the most popular locations that have been around for some time is Coinbase.  You can visit coinbase with my referral link here by doing so when you spend $100 we both get $10 free dollars worth of bitcoin ;):

Next you will need some to purchase Bitcoin.  You will need to set up your bank account similar to setting up a PayPal account.  Coinbase will charge you $1 then refund $1 then charge again two charges for $1.xx and $1.xx.  The digits in the xx will both need to be updated in Coinbase verification for you to be allowed to start using it.  Once you account is verified you may begin by purchasing a limited quantity per week.  Further verification can increase your weekly limit.  I believe the first allowance is either 100 or 300 dollars.  So if you intend to rack up some bitcoin, you’ll want to begin this part of the process as soon as possible.

What is My Paying Crypto Ads?

Step 2:  Sign up for My Paying Crypto Ads

Next you’ll need to get signed up for business.  This is also an important step.  If you do not deliberately chose who you would like your sponsor to be you may wind up with someone who is of no assistance or admin.  You may use my referral link:

The registration process is pretty straight forward, similar to signing up for any other site except for the sponsor portion on the registration page.



Step 3: Transfer funds to My Paying Crypto Ads

For this you will need to return to MPCA and select the purchase ad pack button.  There are two buttons on your overview page.   You will need a few items to complete your ad pack purchase.

  1. An ad Banner (Size relevant)
  2. And a Destination link

Fortunately, for those of us who do not yet have a business prepared for marketing, My Paying Crypto Ads provides promotional banner for members.  You may use on of theirs to get started.



Step 4:  The Wait

Normally My Paying Crypto Ads is one of the fastest revshares to get funded.  Payments are processed within 10 minutes to 3 hours.    Once the block chain has verified the transaction you will receive and email from Coinbase and from MPCA letting you know your purchase is complete.

Step 5: Security

Now that you are venturing into the world of crypto currency and Bitcoin, security must become your priority.  It is better to get accustomed to the security protocols now than later when you do not have the time.  All of the revshares I’ve seen and payment processors such as coinbase use Google Authentication for their security.  Google Authentication is an application for your phone that provides you with a 2nd security key to gain access to your account.  Someone would need to have your phone to get in……INCLUDING YOU!.  Dont play games with this stuff folks, this is all techno digits and stuff we are dealing with here.  Learn how to use it early and properly.



Step 6: Watch your Ads

Now that you are in the system and you have your ad packs, you want to make sure you are watching your 10 ads every day.  Your account does not ear interest unless you watch your ads!

Step 7: Explore – Earning While Learning

You’re going to need some tools.  Signup to our newsletter and I will give you a few: Calculators

This would be a perfect time to start learning.  You should find some youtube channels to see what others have to say.  I can recommend a great one with tutorials:  MyRevTeam YouTube

Join a Group or 10. I know a cool one you can start with: MyRevTeam Facebook

They even have twitter: MyRevTeam Twitter

You can even connect with the owner of MyRevTeam on his personal LinkedIn: Charles B on LinkedIn

You may also find CoinPayments Useful:

Step 8: Get a Bitcoin Visa/Mastercard Debit Card

The final step of your journey is to acquire a Bitcoin Debit Card.  There are a variety on the market.  Some are reported to be good, some not so good.  Since this is the case I will end this article with the Shift Card.  It works with your Coinbase bitcoin wallet. So what ever funds or balance you have in your bitcoin wallet you’ll be able to shop with.  Purchase Item online or in person Just like a real debit card.  The Bitcoin will be converted to your local currency.  You’ll never have to convert back to your local currency again.




That’s it folks.  You’re in like Flynn.  Take this opportunity to learn new things about the wild wild west called crypto currency.  Keep clicking your 10 ads a day and keep earning.  Spend with your debit card and live an alternate financial destiny.



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